Plastube, one of the first industrial enterprises of Northern Cyprus, continues to increase its market share in the pipe manufacturing sector and grow with its new initiatives!
Date Added: 05 April 2022, 14:12
Last Updated Date:13 October 2022, 15:15

Operating in the field of pipe manufacturing, Plastube focuses on the production of indoor and outdoor installation pipes, infrastructure group pipe systems and irrigation pipes, serves all kinds of construction and agriculture sectors. It provides added value to major projects such as universities, hospitals, hotels, municipalities, and communication infrastructures with its quality products.

Plastube, in Famagusta, continues its import and export activities as well as production in its facility with modern technology in a total area of 8000 m2, 5000 m2 of which is closed. The state-of-the-art machine park established in order to produce products with international standards has a total product capacity of 7500 tons, including 5200 tons of PVC, 1700 tons of PE and 600 tons of PPRC Pipes per year. The product range includes the production of Indoor and Outdoor Installation Pipes, Infrastructure Pipes, Agricultural Pipes, Match Boarding and Cornice products.

Plastube continues its mission to be a reliable company preferred in the sector with its experienced and expert team, annual material handling capacity of 7500 tons and fast and flexible production approach for customer expectations.

The factory, which was established within the body of Sanayi Holding in 1975, is the pioneer of the sector as the oldest and deep-rooted company of Northern Cyprus under the name of Plastube as Near East Company with the privatization of Sanayi Holding in 1998.

Plastube, one of the leading industrial enterprises of Northern Cyprus, aims to accelerate the competitiveness of both the company and Northern Cyprus by continuously developing its strong infrastructure and enriching its product groups in its modern production facilities.

“We produce at world standards in the fields of pipe production technologies and production quality. ”
Plastube General Manager Nurettin Ruso said that “We aim to expand the activities of our company, which has a deep-rooted history, in the field of plastic pipe manufacturing, to ensure sustainability in our quality and customer-oriented approach, and to grow continuously in the pipe manufacturing industry. While advancing on this path, we aim to be a long-term employee and infrastructure solutions provider by adding technological and current developments in the sector to our 46 years of experience, providing products and services that meet the requirements of our customers on time, ensuring customer satisfaction. With our activities in the field of plastic pipe production with the effective use of resources, we also contribute to the country’s economy by increasing our market share in the sector domestically”.

Ruso also expressed the following about the plastic pipe industry: “Unlike imported pipes, first-class raw materials are used in pipes produced in Cyprus. The small size of the market eliminates the luxury of making mistakes in manufacturing, so we produce at world standards in the areas of pipe production technologies and quality.”

Stating that the biggest added value is the products in the category they produce, respectively, general Infrastructure Projects, Construction Sector and Decoration products, Ruso said, “We aim to add accessories related to all the products we produce to the product range in the short term by increasing our suppliers. The target of the dealership system in the medium-long term is to get the market leadership we deserve with our technology and infrastructure.”

“We have set ourselves the goal of making the highest quality production in the sector!”
Plastube General Manager Nurettin Ruso, who stated that they aimed to make the highest quality production in the sector, stated that in addition to the existing Quality Management System ISO 9001: 2015 certificate for the creation of the Integrated Quality Management System (EYS) applied all over the world in this regard, they continue to work with the determination to provide the best service by obtaining TS EN ISO 1452-2, G Certificate PVC-U Pipes and G Certificate Polyethylene Pipes certificates. In addition, he said: “In order to ensure the continuity of healthy and safe working environments in all our activities, we attach great importance to our occupational health and safety policy”.