Electrical Installation Pipe Group

Electrical installation cable casing pipes produced from PVC-U and PE raw materials are produced as 3m long bonding flutile, 100m and 200m rolls to be used inside and outside the building. Electrical wiring pipes and fittings do not have the ability to burn on their own. It only burns as long as the open flame continues, and when the open flame ceases, it spontaneously goes out. Electrical Installation Pipes are divided into two groups as light and heavy series according to their place of use. Light series pipes are used flush mounting and surface-mounted where mechanical stresses are not much, and in dry walls and suspended ceilings in prefabricated buildings. Heavy series pipes can be used in all kinds of electrical installations where mechanical stresses are high, in prefabricated buildings, in flush mounting and surface-mounted applications, in curtain concrete and tunnel formwork applications, under flooring and in suspended ceilings.

Electrical Installation Pipe Group
Electrical Installation Pipes
Product Specifications
16x1.14 mm (5/8’’) (50 Piece) 3m
19x1.14 mm (3/4’’) (50 Piece) 3m
25x1.52 mm (1’’) (25 Piece) 3m
32x1.52 mm (1 ¼’’) (10 Piece) 3m
38x1.52 mm (1 ½’’) (10 Piece) 3m
16x1.14 mm (5/8’’) ECO 3m
19x1.14 mm (3/4’’) ECO 3m
PE Electric Pipes Unit Price
Product Specifications
16 mm PE ETB (5/8’’) (200m) 200m
20 mm PE ETB (3/4’’) (200m) 200m
25 mm PE ETB (1’’) (100m) 100m
32 mm PE ETB (1 ¼’’) (100m) 100m
40 mm PE ETB (1 ’’) (100m) 100m